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Electronic Drums

Our Top Pick:

Alesis Nitro Mesh

The Alesis Nitro Mesh Kit is by far the best quality and value at this price. With mesh heads and a solid bass drum, this kit is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. An ideal first kit for anybody on a budget. It's lightweight and small which makes it great for small spaces and transporting. It can be used with an amp or headphones and comes with an array of great sounds to get you started! We'd recommend this kit to anybody wanting to practice their drumming at home, or even to perform with. An all round great and affordable drum kit.

Alesis Surge Mesh SE

Similar to the Nitro Mesh kit above; this kit is the next step up. It has slightly better mesh heads for a more authentic feel and robustness. The bass drum is also mesh, which again, gives you a more authentic feel, similar to an acoustic kit. A great buy for anybody wanting that little bit extra from their kit.

Alesis Crimson II SE

The Alesis Crimson II kit is a great professional kit. With a more robust frame and top quality mesh heads, this kit is great for those serious drummers who want take their drumming to the next level. With more sounds and features than the other 2 kits above, you'll never get bored of playing around with this one! The snare drum and floor tom are larger in size, which once again adds to the authenticity of the kit and gives a great response when striking the heads. This one comes with an additional crash cymbal too, giving you more variation in the sounds you choose to play with.

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